To the mortals of my being


Why are there no deadlines for the dreams to come true?

Why do we have to walk through that canopy of questions

without any guarantee for the future in lieu?

Where in arms shall I lay, seeking for a safe abode?


Can I not have all the answers, all at once?

and the purpose of all my being that I owed,

shall be fulfilled.

Is this what we are all in here for?

Day, after day, everyday!

‘A never-ending search for answers till the end of this episode’.




A poet’s diary



One and yet another one

So many hearts broken by a single one

A wait for that special mate

Oh please just take me to a magnificent date

Make me feel magical

May the defiant cross roads as surreal.


Is it the moonlight or this wonderful night,

or the music that makes me smile.

The rush in my veins

And like fireflies in the rains

You give the reason to be alive

All this while I was being so naïve.


But one bright sunny day

Chills run down my spine

As that, “the one” who makes me smile

Was there in front of me

A hazy memory I believed was a lie.


Yet, he holds my hand and pulls me offshore

I tumble as I ride

Left speechless and out of breadth

For sure!


Oh, he is the one I ask for

Kites fly high they touch the deep blue sky

You hold me tight

Oh! My love won’t ever go away.


My love ceaseless &

My happiness is boundless today.


But soon one day

As monotony struck my way

I shall yet again pass away.

Like a breeze of happiness I’m here not for long

Defiant for your love

Like a curse or a hope

You may call me as you may.


Yet once, when the time is near

The seasons do change

So does the sun, it runs away.


Every night after day

I have to walk, walk far away.

Coz, like a soul I am infinite

I’m endless like a sea,

I’m here today,

Tomorrow I’ll be far from thee!




When you stumble….


Remember the first day you saw him,

How bright it was, not the weather but your thoughts

All you wish was if we could be together.


The ancient lore of love may never tell you the facts

When you feel empty and things you lack

Friends, if you stumble on a stone always look ahead, and never back.


An assay to get something lost while you never reach the shore,

Sail through the storm, it’s hard yet its fun

But, if you stumble on the stone look ahead and never back again!


When all this no more makes you happy and the dripping sweat of excitement once

Now you want to run away and hide,

Because how you waste the time getting up dusting yourself and taking more advice.

Again looking back to the mistakes unavoidable.

Instead, you could get up, dust your sled and sprang ahead a with speed more than twice

Do take my advice,

When you stumble on a stone look ahead and never back, to once a paradise!












To thee Juliet,



A little lonesome, a part that desired for more

Perhaps by-my-side

One day, there came in thou,

like a melody

Oh Juliet’ ! How shall I describe

While words art never enough

Never did I think twice


I shall desire you, darling, all my life!

We know us, past all through thee ages,

That travelled through all thou highs, only highs.

To thee beginning that never ends

And if anything, there art, left in the store

That you shall desire for

Oh honey! I would give to thee

Never less only more.

With this ring, I promise thee endeavor

That I take thou as my lovely wife,

My heart be your shelter- my love your home

And I will adore you infinity all my life.

And if my lord, a day comes, when you can’t find me nearby

I will come across, the seven ages,

Seven skies, to thou shore

Stand under, to thee balcony

Calling for you, like a Romeo

Sing you the melancholy of my aching heart

That longed for more!

I shall yearn for thou deep hazel gaze

Thee tenderness thou hands gave

Everyday day and night I miss thee,

Do come ashore, with a promise

That now and always

Thou shall love me again and once more.

As reads the scripts of an ancient lore

Like Adam fell for Eve in the midnights

When the days were longer and the nights were short

That we shall clasp our hands today, tomorrow and forever

To symbolize the never end of our forevermore

Cognizance Conundrum

0006167666_10A series of childish fights, and thoughts running

Of various other things that might!

With a glance in my eyes, he says something notorious, but

I know what’s running through his mind.

A hint of irresistible emotions, he can’t really conceal

 Oh! And he knows I flush all red

When he talks, like every time!

Don’t really know what to speak, end up with a brawl,

Yeah, we secretly smirk.

We have so much in mind,

To meet up, talk but that’s unlikely to happen

And as time is not on our side.

We shall tease each other

Until we get together the next time

A moment of silence


That day if not weeks

He stood past those creeds

Gazed, to that winter sun

Soft blue sky and the lemon breeze

He closed his eye, walking in symphony

Of the music that the wind mellowed

He smiled as he paced, gaiety to the heart’s upbeat.

Rising from those grey shallows

At cent percent compound interest

Life is an autumn October

Why think so much

When things art happy tomorrow

Sooner or later it’s all over

So use it like it was forever borrowed

A shrug on his shoulder, a stick on his hand,

Barely could he stand that time

He lifted the veil of world; he may now see

Gripping the moment in his hands, while he prays to thee

Mesmerised by a flower’s magnificence

Its mere existence so precious, he appreciated and could not lie

This little happiness it gave, though tomorrow all shall die.

So he laughed, sang and he cried

Because he lives today

Tomorrow he shall not rely

Stood with arms so wide

The edge of a lake

And a breath he inhaled, full of life.

A promise, now to be free,

His dark deep eyes with those desolate wrinkles and crease,

Face now blue, Leukemia being the tease.

His life he always coined the gold

Although his family being the reason he smiled.

Wondered if he had made those trips

Instead of the business, his throat now grips.

Oh dear life! When we meet again to live

I swear I shall be true from the beginning

Share the tenderness of love with all.

 Caress her tresses and tell her where we belong

I promise not to be naive

The things I shall say, things my heart always hide.



A Letter In a Bottle!

ship_in_bottle_v2_by_balint4-d59n99q (1)


Mary Calestic still sang a cry with its sixty grim crew

They slog whole day and every night of May

As she sails in those dark dreary blues

Clear was the sky, clear was the water,

Blue it was nearer blue was far, where she lay.

Past 12 a’ minuit, that heur

A cursed night, fathomed the thrive ,

The lady in white that came begged and cried

Loud did they laugh,

When she swore to their wrath!

“I come now for help, tomorrow vengeance

For all, you aboard, live as much as you shall

Coz a sailor, crew or captain you might,

We take you along the other night!”

Without any sadness for her farewell

In disdain threw her wrapped head,

All were content but only until they heard, that unknown bell.

And as the night drew, their eyes rolled!

Blame the green poisoned hit or the black toy

They walked lifelessly, hauling in that dark cold.

I was a little boy, secretly behind the closet

But not for long

When they took me along!

Begged for clemency, once did she not hear me?

Lifeless in the ship, all was a wreck

Gone forever we groan all along.

For the wrath shall continue as the years pass by

the curse shall be here, infinity

As they shall still walk by

Vivid with invincibility!

Read this letter at your risk,

Night from now,

Even you shall sail this brittle abandoned ship!





Alone In The Crowd!



I don’t feel,

I don’t feel the ice, the frost, the cold, I don’t feel a thing.

I don’t feel, the scorching sun burning me a tan

I don’t feel when the sea water caresses my feet

Even when the rocks gave me a scar so deep, I didn’t feel a thing

I don’t feel, a gush of fresh air breathing my face.

Oh! How happy it used to make!

I don’t feel a thing in a crowd when everyone laughs

Scarcely me understanding even half!

I don’t know, how to miss home,

Or to miss my dad or my mom

Oh! I feel emotions; running past them very often.

Coz, once wrecked heart is still in pain,

In the dark night, there was all lost nothing gained.

A pain or a shiver I could not bear,


(I don’t feel the love which thence lost…
The humbug of everyday life comes full abrest
I didn’t ever thought I would ever
But now I look at the time bygone and still am touched by the brazen shamelessness of the masks that close…

because love all that bought was a tear!)


A friend so far.


Every now and then their sleep must break.

They say it takes what it wants to take!

A soul that free

Like a Sirius of the night sky

He might now be !

His friend in olive green combats, with eyes still,

The gush of red once inevitable

Now the stream has come to a standstill.

Was like a poisoned green tree on a dried riverbed.

It was the storm that struck last night,

That took what it wanted and now as calm as a fierce knight.


There in the brown was an open box,

Embraced in the Indian colour.

He laid so calm there,

with his battle weapon and his dog tag.

He held his hand for the very last time, “You leave us honoured my friend, but how do we not grieve coz all I am left with are the happy times”.

A soul that lived to his commander’s single will was today so still.

Oh, how still.

His hands were grey, with his fingers numb and heart so cold in that dark of May.

As he bid the last goodbye, his eyes caught on a note that just slipped by.

His miserable heart now ached some more, to read the letter that she must have wrote,

As he read he found in the footnotes, how excited she is, for the tot that they hoped.

Inside he felt, a reverberation like a  caged lion roar.



Standing on the last hilltop post, the wind sang a melancholy, like paying a peace to his friend’s abode.

He called back home and talked with a smile. Barely they knew how much he had cried.

Cracked voice was though realised by both sides, but yes all they did was smile.

As he heard the uproar coming from across, he knew the time was now.

Gone was the pain and gone was the fear.

Held his gun like and old warrior’s spear.

he had to keep the promise he had made,

sprang ahead with a loud gunshot and his war cry,

echo that blanched up the frozen atmosphere.