I got high! Really high !


Its about the day when i was high….

When the sun came down, the wind picked up speed, and the sea shone so red.

My head lil hit as we walked by, the happy high, oh, how high!

We crossed those grey cobbled roads, and as the night went by, i started to feel so cold. Amid the dreams, suddenly, it all went slow. Like an old movie,  you held me close and pointed towards the moon that rose.

I was struck by a beauty I had never known to exist.

The deep blue sea reflected the pink sky.
That day, I saw this new place, through you.

Oh,  how I felt, I can never express.

when your fingers lingered in my hair, and caressed them. That day, I remember, you were in black and I wore blue.

That night is long gone, and all that remains are the memories.

I can’t tell you how much I miss you.


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