A friend so far.


Every now and then their sleep must break.

They say it takes what it wants to take!

A soul that free

Like a Sirius of the night sky

He might now be !

His friend in olive green combats, with eyes still,

The gush of red once inevitable

Now the stream has come to a standstill.

Was like a poisoned green tree on a dried riverbed.

It was the storm that struck last night,

That took what it wanted and now as calm as a fierce knight.


There in the brown was an open box,

Embraced in the Indian colour.

He laid so calm there,

with his battle weapon and his dog tag.

He held his hand for the very last time, “You leave us honoured my friend, but how do we not grieve coz all I am left with are the happy times”.

A soul that lived to his commander’s single will was today so still.

Oh, how still.

His hands were grey, with his fingers numb and heart so cold in that dark of May.

As he bid the last goodbye, his eyes caught on a note that just slipped by.

His miserable heart now ached some more, to read the letter that she must have wrote,

As he read he found in the footnotes, how excited she is, for the tot that they hoped.

Inside he felt, a reverberation like a  caged lion roar.



Standing on the last hilltop post, the wind sang a melancholy, like paying a peace to his friend’s abode.

He called back home and talked with a smile. Barely they knew how much he had cried.

Cracked voice was though realised by both sides, but yes all they did was smile.

As he heard the uproar coming from across, he knew the time was now.

Gone was the pain and gone was the fear.

Held his gun like and old warrior’s spear.

he had to keep the promise he had made,

sprang ahead with a loud gunshot and his war cry,

echo that blanched up the frozen atmosphere.


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