A Letter In a Bottle!

ship_in_bottle_v2_by_balint4-d59n99q (1)


Mary Calestic still sang a cry with its sixty grim crew

They slog whole day and every night of May

As she sails in those dark dreary blues

Clear was the sky, clear was the water,

Blue it was nearer blue was far, where she lay.

Past 12 a’ minuit, that heur

A cursed night, fathomed the thrive ,

The lady in white that came begged and cried

Loud did they laugh,

When she swore to their wrath!

“I come now for help, tomorrow vengeance

For all, you aboard, live as much as you shall

Coz a sailor, crew or captain you might,

We take you along the other night!”

Without any sadness for her farewell

In disdain threw her wrapped head,

All were content but only until they heard, that unknown bell.

And as the night drew, their eyes rolled!

Blame the green poisoned hit or the black toy

They walked lifelessly, hauling in that dark cold.

I was a little boy, secretly behind the closet

But not for long

When they took me along!

Begged for clemency, once did she not hear me?

Lifeless in the ship, all was a wreck

Gone forever we groan all along.

For the wrath shall continue as the years pass by

the curse shall be here, infinity

As they shall still walk by

Vivid with invincibility!

Read this letter at your risk,

Night from now,

Even you shall sail this brittle abandoned ship!






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