A moment of silence


That day if not weeks

He stood past those creeds

Gazed, to that winter sun

Soft blue sky and the lemon breeze

He closed his eye, walking in symphony

Of the music that the wind mellowed

He smiled as he paced, gaiety to the heart’s upbeat.

Rising from those grey shallows

At cent percent compound interest

Life is an autumn October

Why think so much

When things art happy tomorrow

Sooner or later it’s all over

So use it like it was forever borrowed

A shrug on his shoulder, a stick on his hand,

Barely could he stand that time

He lifted the veil of world; he may now see

Gripping the moment in his hands, while he prays to thee

Mesmerised by a flower’s magnificence

Its mere existence so precious, he appreciated and could not lie

This little happiness it gave, though tomorrow all shall die.

So he laughed, sang and he cried

Because he lives today

Tomorrow he shall not rely

Stood with arms so wide

The edge of a lake

And a breath he inhaled, full of life.

A promise, now to be free,

His dark deep eyes with those desolate wrinkles and crease,

Face now blue, Leukemia being the tease.

His life he always coined the gold

Although his family being the reason he smiled.

Wondered if he had made those trips

Instead of the business, his throat now grips.

Oh dear life! When we meet again to live

I swear I shall be true from the beginning

Share the tenderness of love with all.

 Caress her tresses and tell her where we belong

I promise not to be naive

The things I shall say, things my heart always hide.




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