To thee Juliet,



A little lonesome, a part that desired for more

Perhaps by-my-side

One day, there came in thou,

like a melody

Oh Juliet’ ! How shall I describe

While words art never enough

Never did I think twice


I shall desire you, darling, all my life!

We know us, past all through thee ages,

That travelled through all thou highs, only highs.

To thee beginning that never ends

And if anything, there art, left in the store

That you shall desire for

Oh honey! I would give to thee

Never less only more.

With this ring, I promise thee endeavor

That I take thou as my lovely wife,

My heart be your shelter- my love your home

And I will adore you infinity all my life.

And if my lord, a day comes, when you can’t find me nearby

I will come across, the seven ages,

Seven skies, to thou shore

Stand under, to thee balcony

Calling for you, like a Romeo

Sing you the melancholy of my aching heart

That longed for more!

I shall yearn for thou deep hazel gaze

Thee tenderness thou hands gave

Everyday day and night I miss thee,

Do come ashore, with a promise

That now and always

Thou shall love me again and once more.

As reads the scripts of an ancient lore

Like Adam fell for Eve in the midnights

When the days were longer and the nights were short

That we shall clasp our hands today, tomorrow and forever

To symbolize the never end of our forevermore


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