A poet’s diary



One and yet another one

So many hearts broken by a single one

A wait for that special mate

Oh please just take me to a magnificent date

Make me feel magical

May the defiant cross roads as surreal.


Is it the moonlight or this wonderful night,

or the music that makes me smile.

The rush in my veins

And like fireflies in the rains

You give the reason to be alive

All this while I was being so naïve.


But one bright sunny day

Chills run down my spine

As that, “the one” who makes me smile

Was there in front of me

A hazy memory I believed was a lie.


Yet, he holds my hand and pulls me offshore

I tumble as I ride

Left speechless and out of breadth

For sure!


Oh, he is the one I ask for

Kites fly high they touch the deep blue sky

You hold me tight

Oh! My love won’t ever go away.


My love ceaseless &

My happiness is boundless today.


But soon one day

As monotony struck my way

I shall yet again pass away.

Like a breeze of happiness I’m here not for long

Defiant for your love

Like a curse or a hope

You may call me as you may.


Yet once, when the time is near

The seasons do change

So does the sun, it runs away.


Every night after day

I have to walk, walk far away.

Coz, like a soul I am infinite

I’m endless like a sea,

I’m here today,

Tomorrow I’ll be far from thee!





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